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comQ: Fuzzy search in ElasticSearch What is the best way to implement fuzzy search in ElasticSearch? What I mean is, if I have the following documents indexed: { "name": "Lacoste", "type": "shoes", "price": 45 } "type": "apparel", "price": 50 "name": "Miou", "name": "Ecom", "price": 60 I would like to be able to search for all documents that match "Lacoste" but have a minimum or maximum price, and the price can be between 50 and 80. So I would like to find: What is the most efficient way to search for documents with "Lacoste" and have a minimum price of 50? A: Based on your comment on the first answer, I think you mean that you want to find documents that contain the name Lacoste but also have a maximum price (55). Then you can use this query: "query": { "bool": { "must": [ { "term": { "name": "Lacoste" } }, "range": { "price": {



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Telecharger Caneco Bt 5.4 Crack 75

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